Sunday, December 9, 2018

Grandparents and The Polar Express... Doesn't get much better!

We are so very thankful for our grandparents this week! We had a blast during their visit! A big thank you to every single grandparent for coming to make this day so special for your grandchild. We are very thankful for you!

Some of the highlights from our grandparents' day were... Of course painting the beautiful ornaments from Earth and Fire, presenting our beautiful gifts to them, and enjoying snacks together. It was so fun to see the smile on each child's face as they enjoyed their special time with whoever came to be with them. Mrs. Nicole and I were reminded what a blessing families truly are.

We also enjoyed our Polar Express day! While we weren't able to watch all of the movie, we did have fun drinking our hot chocolate and eating cookies while we watched some fun clips from the movie. Ask your child if they can hear their bell when they ring it! (Everyone should have made it home with one.) ]We all even got our own ticket to board the train! 

We did not have as much time for focus on the letter this week, so consider spending some extra time on the letter Rr if you get a chance! Our focus was Rr is for "Run, run, reindeer", so see if your child can remember this sound! We also made name trains, a craft that gave each child a chance to practice putting the letters of their name in order. You will find these beautiful works of art on our bulletin board in the hall. Any craft such as this that you can do with your child at home to work on their name would be wonderful! We will continue to practice with spelling names after Christmas. 

This week, we also focused on the angel Gabriel's visit to Mary to let her know that she would be the mother of baby Jesus. You might see if your child can remember any of this story! Next week we will focus on the birth of Jesus! 

Some of our other fun activities included dotting paint ornaments on Christmas trees, counting and sorting with Christmas bows, working on our hand muscles/pencil grip with dot markers and stamps, and doing color-by-number. We have noticed a huge improvement in everyone's fine motor skills and and strength since the beginning of the school year!

This week, ask your child to...

1. Practice for the Christmas program with you. 
2. Read the story of the Angel Gabriel visiting Mary with you. 
3. Put the letters of their name in order. 
4. Cut a piece of wrapping paper out for you. 
5. Count all the ornaments on your Christmas tree!

We loved The Polar Express!

Such hard workers!

We enjoyed reading Christmas books
with our Christmas puppets!