Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Shamrocks and Rainbows

We had another fun week in our class! From rainbows to shamrocks to skittle science, it was a fun St. Patrick's Day themed week!

This week's letter was the letter R... R is for rainbows! We enjoyed making rainbows using Fruit Loops, pipe cleaners, and marshmallows as well as with dot markers. We also worked on rainbow color sorting using skittles! See if you can use something else at your house this week to practice color sorting!

We also enjoyed making shamrocks with our hands. We even worked on our fine motor skills by decorating green shamrocks with paper squares. 

This week also included some fun science! See if your child can tell you about our skittle rainbow science experiment or our fizzy shamrocks we made!

We can't wait to see everyone again after spring break!

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Ocean Week!

Ocean week was a whale of a good time!

We packed our week with lots of exciting ocean activities. As we learned about the ocean, we had lots of fun creating puffer fish as well as starfish. We even got to use our creativity  when making rainbow fish with dot markers. 

Our letter of the week was letter O ... O is for ocean! See if your child can remember the letter O this week.

We had lots of fun playing, looking at shells and ocean animals in our sensory bin, and listening for the ocean in seashells.

We also continue to work on our counting skills with our octopus counting activity. Make sure to keep working on identifying the numbers 1 through 10.

We look forward to more fun next week!

Puffer fish fun!

We love watching our friends put on
puppet shows!

We loved making starfish!

O is for ocean

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Dr. Seuss fun!

We had a great week celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday and reading Dr. Seuss books!

To go along with the book The Cat in the Hat, we worked on patterns using red and white beads as well as using red and white strips to make a fun Cat in the Hat hat! We even had fun stacking and sorting with red and white in our sensory bin. 

We also read the book Oh the Places You'll Go. We had fun talking about the places we will go and decorating beautiful hot air balloons. 

We continued to work on one-to-one correspondence this week using fish! To go with the book One Fish, Two Fish, we practiced counting with fish stamps. We are such a smart group!

In addition to all of our Dr. Seuss fun, we also enjoyed hearing from Dr. Jenkins, our favorite local dentist who came to talk to us about taking care of our teeth (following last week's community helper focus). 

We were pattern experts!

Oh the places we'll go!

Friday, February 22, 2019

Community Helpers!

I truly cannot believe that my time is coming to an end this year with this amazing class. I have looked forward to each week and have enjoyed each and every day! What a blessing it has been to be able to teach such a smart, sweet, funny, and curious group of sweet kiddos!

We had such a fun week learning about what it means to be a community helper! We enjoyed a visit from a pharmacist and a fireman and also spent a day talking about dentists and dental health! See if your child can remember any information these visitors shared or any tips for keeping their teeth healthy!

We had lots of highlights this week! Getting to make our very own stethoscopes to wear was fun, as well as creating our town of buildings and sharing what we want to be when we grow up! We read books about lots of different community helpers, including firemen, police officers, farmers, chefs, and more! To go along with our theme, we practiced being chefs in our play dough kitchen, made our own community helper hats, and practiced our colors by coloring different community helper vehicles. 

For dental health, we had all kinds of "tooth" fun! We talked about ways to keep our teeth healthy and strong! We read about visiting a dentist and discussed the importance of tooth brushing with a fun egg "enamel" science experiment. We were able to see firsthand how soda and sugar can stain our teeth. 

This week, ask your child if they can...
1. Tell you some of the jobs in a community.  
2. Tell you what sound C makes. (We acted like we were cutting with scissors when we made the C sound.)
3. Count to 20. 
4. Find five gray items in your house. (We struggled with this color on the assessment. 
5. Sort two different beginning sounds.