Sunday, September 15, 2019

A is for Apple!

Apple week in our room was quite a success! We are truly learning so much and making great progress every week! Being this crew's teacher is such a joy. 

Our apple week brought with it lots of hands-on fun! We had a blast making our "apple shakers" thanks to help from a sweet parent volunteer! We also enjoyed gluing red paper apples and getting to taste test different types of apples to create a graph of our favorites. We had a blast with "apple bobbing" with tongs (all the while practicing taking turns nicely, following directions, and counting).

To go along with this week, we also read several apples books, including Apple Countdown, Apples, and a fun book from Mrs. Laura that compared the parts of an apple to the TrinityWe focused on the letter A, sorting uppercase and lowercase letters, tracing the letter, painting it with Q-tips, and finding the letter in books. We even got to do letter tracing in applesauce! 

In our table centers this week, we worked on sorting different sized apples, making apple trees from play dough, and counting apples out onto an apple tree. Everyone did a great job counting the apples one-to-one. We are turning into math experts in our class! In addition to this math fun, we worked on our fine motor skills with "hammering nails" (pushing golf tees) into apples. 

We topped off our fun this week by making baked apples and apple volcanoes!

Our Bible focus continued to be on creation, this time Day 3! We celebrated that God made the land, plants, and trees.

We look forward to being back together this coming week! Until then, see if your child can...

1. Tell you what happened on Days 1-3 of creation (you might use our song again at

2. Count out one, two, three, and four objects. 
3. Tell you the parts of an apple and help you make something with apples. 
4. Find three things in your house that start with the letters M and A. 
5. Find apple-colored objects in your house (yellow, red, and green). 

Look at us reading and writing!

A is for apple!!

We did great sorting apples by size!

Thank you Mrs. Melody for coming to help us make apple shakers!

We are playing so well together!

Silly girls!

Fun bobbing for apples!

Red or green... Which do you like? 

We worked with Mrs. Laura's class 
to make baked apples!

Our apple volcano was quite exciting!

Sunday, September 8, 2019

The Very Hungry Caterpillar and More!

We are learning so much in our class! I am amazed at how much progress we have already made!

This week was Eric Carle week at LAP! We had fun reading a variety of books written and illustrated by this author, including The Very Hungry Caterpillar, The Mixed-Up Chameleon, Little Cloud, and Brown Bear, Brown Bear.  To go along with these books, we enjoyed singing, creating caterpillars from egg cartons, making letter C clouds, and retelling Brown Bear Brown Bear with our paper bag bears! Everyone is doing a great job listening to our books and carefully creating their artwork. 

We also continued to enjoy our table centers this week (specifically designed to work on fine motor skills and mathematics skills). Tracing was one of our skills of focus this week. Feel free to continue this important pre-writing skill at home with any materials of your choice! We practiced helping a hungry caterpillar "crawl" to his food by tracing different lines. We also worked on making patterns by creating caterpillars out of colorful pouch caps/pipe cleaners as well as making patterns out of bear counters. 

To go along with The Very Hungry Caterpillar, we had fun stomping on our "caterpillar" made from colored circles in the green room. Jumping or stomping from one color to another or one number to another is a great way to combine these skills with gross motor activity. We also worked on colors to go along with reading The Mixed Up Chameleon! We enjoyed our first time water color painting as well as matching colors with felt bugs and flowers. 

To work on the letter C, our circle time charts were a caterpillar and a chameleon! We practiced dotting the letter C with dot markers and making a cotton ball letter C cloud!

Our Bible focus this week was on the first two days of creation! We practiced our verse for September: "God saw everything He had made, and it was very good!" (Genesis 1:31) We will be practicing the song "All Good" each day of September. It is a fun song that you may enjoy singing at home! (

This week, see if your child can...

1. Tell you what God made on the first two days of creations. (Maybe read this section of Genesis 1 together!)

2. Practice our Bible verse for September.
3. Draw the letters M, F, C, and P in sand, salt, shaving cream, etc. 
4. Sing "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" with you ( using their brown bear paper bag. 
5. Hop and count to 10. 

We all did great using dot markers for the first time!

We loved making colorful caterpillars!

Painting our egg carton caterpillars!

We love building!

Look at these awesome writers!

We saved our water color chameleons for portfolios!

This sweet boy worked so hard coloring every animal perfectly!

Stomping on our "colorful caterpillar". 

We love to play!